About Me

I am Cathrine – certified Life Coach & Personal Trainer

I love life and I believe that we can always improve our quality of life. I can support you in finding  balance, authenticity and empowerment in your life – because I have been on the journey myself!

I am a mother of two children, a wife, a Personal Trainer and a Life Coach.

Those are just a few of the ‘labels’ that I can give myself – and they might be the most important to me right now – They used to be very different!

My mission is to support women, like yourself, in being who YOU are and supporting you on your journey in putting yourself first and becoming the POWERFUL woman that you are.

Change is a big part of my life – I believe that we have CHOICES in our lives and that we can choose to live in a constructive and fulfilling way, instead of tearing ourselves down and limiting ourselves constantly.

A life as a working mum, fulfilling everybody elses needs can become really challenging and get to the point where you almost cancel yourself. I know this is ture – and I KNOW that YOU can change this!

I changed EVERYTHING and this lead me on a journey of possibilities and fulfillment that I want to be able to share with your and others today, by supporting you in doing the exact same thing.

Take care of  YOURSELF right now – in order to become a stronger and empowered version of YOU.

Breakthrough your limits and get the life that you REALLY desire

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What can I as a Life Coach help you with?

I am a mum – 2 children at the age of 9 and 10. I know what it is like to have gained weight over pregnancies and wanting to get back in shape not only phisically but also mentally. You are stressed becuase you need to take care of kids, home, husband and maybe even work! It Leaves you with NO TIME and NO ENERGY at the end of the day to take care of YOU.

Well think about it: If you take care of YOURSELF right now – how would life be looking forward? As a Life Coach and a s a mum I can guide you through it – getting you to the exact place where you want to be. I did it on my own – it would have been a lot easier with the right help! I am at your side all the way.

If you are asking yourself questions like the ones below – there is absolutely good reason to plan your first free session with me:


How can I finally feel more EMPOWERED in my life?

How can I get my joyfull and happy back?

How can I rid of my frustration and stress and get focused?

How can I finally lose weight and feel good about myself again?

TODAY you can finally:

– Get POWERED UP and become the best ever version of  YOU

– Find your HAPPINESS in life and get your priorities in check


What will it cost you if you do not do anything about your situation today?

Take care of yourself – to take care of your loved ones.

My journey of change

In 2013 I moved from Denmark to Italy – because of love. He is now my husband and father of my children (15 years later) and thinking back, I am so glad that I overcame my fears and did it!

I have lived in Switzerland for 2 years prior to this – another leap of faith maybe!

However, maybe the biggest change was me losing 30kg and becoming a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor! (coming from a marketing background AND doing it all in a foreign language!!) Complete change of life – leap of faith? OH man, I was scared! I thought that I could NOT do it – and look at me now!! Oh yes I did it all!

My philosophy

My biggest lesson that I have learned is: I can do exactly what I put my mind to! I had so many blocks and thoughts that were hindering me in doing anuything and every ‘change’ was a pain. Ultimately, I decided that I DID have a choice and I COULD DO IT.  That is why I did and constantly do all the things that I really want to do.

Nobody is perfect and to learn you have to practice, fall and get up again. You get stronger as you learn and go.

Change starts with ourselves

The first steps will be the most challenging – and then you create FLOW

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