Change is around the corner – no hustle at all

Yes, I guess you would love that right?
Well, let me ask you a question: Do you want to CHANGE? With this question, comes another important question that you might want to ask yourself: WHY do you want to change?

You might respond – ‘Yes Cathrine, I want to change’ and ‘I want to change because I will be happier’

So, ok, that sounds fair enough – and what happens when you have to PUT IN THE WORK to change? How are you coping then? Still want the change?

How willing are you to the change? ‘ Oh, I would do anything to lose that extra weight’ … and then after you have ‘tried’ for 1 week or maybe even just for a day or two, you are still at the same point. Maybe you are even blaming this on somebody or something like ‘oh I don’t have the money for healthy food right now, Oh I am so tired at the moment or maybe even – I don’t like that guy in the gym so I cannot sigh up’ etc….

What happened to ‘Willing to do anything?’

Maybe, you need to dig deeper in order to understand the WHY – before you went to the HOW?

First of all; start by TAKING RESPONSIBILITY for your own life and understand that YOU are the only ones responsible for own change?

Nobody else is responsible! Nobody!

STOP blaming OTHERS for your happiness – STOP looking for EASY solutions that will not last (and mostly you do this because then you can always blame somebody if it did not work… Right? Oh and then you can say: ‘ I have tried EVERYTHING’ everything? Like in EVERYTHING? What have you not tried yet? Because if you had tried everything, by now you would have had the results!

Step out of the VICTIM role PLEASE!

There is no change without openness to try new things and stepping out of your comfort zone… It is as simple as that!I am an ambassador for change – this is how I live my life – and oh, I came from that victim role and did something about it. And today – I love challenges and very often I do put in the work and on the other side I feel so empowered and so much stronger. Every day – every month and every year.

Small steps – understand yourself and your reasons. And remember – you have to take responsibility and get out of your comfort zone in order to change. Nobody can do it for you- FULL STOP.

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