Empowernment: Facing your fears and overcome them

Fears stops us from doing a lot of AMAZING things and GROW – become stronger more empowered and more confident.
I am sure you have heard this so many times:


You can do anything you set your mind to


So what is stopping you?

Have you had those experiences in your life where you were just TERIFIED about doing something? You could not even think about it without getting a pain or strange push feeling in the stomach or chest? You felt like throwing up – maybe even for days? When people asked you about this ‘thing’ you would get all anxious and did not know where to put yourself?

You would go on and on in your mind with finding EXCUSES – that inner self talk that would tear you down and try to convince you to NOT DO IT?
Well, I have had this in my life quite a few times.

When I met my now husband … “You will just ruin it and he will see right through you and he won’t like you at all” …
When I moved from my home country to explore love and finish my education in Ital”… Oh I am going to screw this one up, will not finish my degree and might even get kicked out by my boyfriend…”

When I ACTUALLY became a fitness instructor … “I can’t do that – I have to speak in Italian too – WAY over my abilities” … was my thought.

When I had my children (oh yes) : “I cannot take care of a child, I don’t even like children!”

And what about all the endless exams, job interviews and much more…

So do you follow me? Have you had these experiences? BUT THEN YOU DID IT ANYWAYS? These are all my excuses – what are yours?

If you can actually take a good look at them, name then and the SHAME them – you are really moving forwards!

Remember all your stories and experiences – no matter how tough it was for you to go through – was it worth it? What if you did not go through it? Where and what would you be today?

Take a moment and think about it and then WRITE IT DOWN. One experience at a time

…Wanting change is step one, but step two is taking it

― Isaac Marion, Warm Bodies



Take a moment and think about it and then WRITE IT DOWN. One experience at a time.

– EXPERIENCE of facing your fear (an experience where you DID do it with a positive outcome)

  • What did it give you?
  • What can you learn from this experience?
  • How can you apply any of it to your future experiences when you meet fear?
  • What if you had NOT done it, where would you be in your life?

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