What is Online Fitness Coaching?

Online Personal Training or what many call Online Fitness Coaching,  is a great way to treat yourself to personal training with a much lower investment than one-on-one personal training would be. Also it gives you the possibility to workout at home with professional support online.

Online Fitness Coaching is simply amazing because you will be followed closely directly by me, via texts (whatsapp), emails, videos and live video calls. You will always have the support right there when you need it and you will have your workouts designed to fit your abilities and your needs – also they will be disigned to fit into your lifestyle.

Having your personal designed programme will give you the best possibilites to reach the goals that you want to reach!

Should you wish to do so you can find fitness plans already made – just to download and get started.

With a personolized  plan you’ll be able to do your exercises effectively even without personal trainer’s supervision.

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got”

Why choose Online Fitness Coaching?

Tveen – Online Fitness Coaching focuses on empowering YOU, supporting you to take charge of your routines and to becoming the fit, high energy and confident person that can take care of and be active with your family. Heck, you might even become a fitness instructor yourself one day by starting right now, implementing a new and active lifestyle.

My Story and Why this can change your life

Let me tell you about my change in life: Fitness and sports started out being a real pain in the ass for me (I know.. but it IS true) I did not want to do anything other than eat away my sorrows and just chillout and not do ANYTHING. And then – I made a decision to change my life. I was not confindent nor very  athletic (…) but I DID change and I DID become active in the fitness department and discovered that I could do SO MUCH MORE thatn I though I could! My new lifestyle not only made me loose a lot of weight, but what I gained from it was SO MUCH MORE and SO WORTH the efforts: I can be active with my kids, I can take care of my family and friends and still feel so high in energy all day long. I actully became that person who is always kind of ‘jumping around’ and another will go: ‘ hey, I want some of your medicine‘ !

SO, you can do that too – You only need to start out!

As a Personal Trainer and Transformation Coach, I work with you on mindset and goals and we will check in weekly or even daily basis depending on the support you need. This way I will always be following your progress and ready to answer questions or correct your tecnique via videos, emails and voice. Remember that I have been there! I do understand the blocks that you might have or the ‘Oh I can’t do that‘.

Well, you can overcome all of that be making ONE DECISION:




My #1 goal is to help you love exercise and feel confident doing it on your own. Because you CAN do it.

Tveen – Online Fitness coaching is the solution for you if you know the results you want adn if you are ALL IN. I am a certified personal trainer, slimming specialist and fitness trainer along with transformation coach – I have the expertise to give you a personalized plan and give you the needed input and tools to finally get the results you want and not waisting any more time.

Checklist – This if for you if

  • You are 100% ready to invest in your wellness and POWER UP your life on a physical level
  • You are Commited to create a new ACTIVE lifestyle that EMPOWERS you
  • You want to Get Fit and start your journey to a healthier lifestyle
  • You want to loose weight, get rid of the belly and feel stronger inside and out
  • You want to do home fitness or workout at the gym
  • You want to take care of yourself  in order to become more empowered and get that ENERGY back into your life.
  • You want to get stronger and toned
  • You have a busy lifestyle and need a designed plan for YOU
  • You want mazimum results in less time
  • You are ready to go ALL IN and take ACTION


This is not for you if

  • You need constant motivation whenever you are working out or whenever you feel like ice cream
  • You cannot hold a plan for 1 day
  • Are not willing to DO YOUR BEST every day
  • You come up with excuses every 10 minutes for not working out or not following your macros

I think you get the picture here  …

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Online fitness Plan designed for your needs and your goals  – workout at home or workout in the Gym.

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