Online Life Coaching

“It is impossible to do all the things I really want to do – because I am not that kind of person”

Well, that is exactly what I used to think and believe.

I thought I was a ‘small town’ girl with a normal life, just had to fit in and do what was expected of me. I did not have much confidence in myself and everybody was always luckier than me or better than me. Oh yes, poor me! I was the victim here.. right?

But then something happened: I made a decision when I met my now husband! I started taking responsability for myself and my life and I decided that I was good enough and also very capable of doing whatever I put my mind to. I started out with a weighloss and then taook one day at a time and did whatever I had to do.

I started BELIEVING in myself and in the things I wanted to have and do for myself – and then my life started rolling in the exact direction that I wanted it to go!

The number one reason why so many people do not tap into their true potential and upgrade their lives is exactly because they believe just what I did!
Responsibility, limiting beliefs, overwhelm, distractions and so on are the reasons why you do not get out and go for your goals. I know this – because I have been there so many times!
It is so freaking sad that so many of us live a mediocre life when we could really live out a fulfilling life full of excitement, happiness and fulfillment.

What do you say? Do you want to upgrade your life and finally wake up in the morning feeling GREAT, ENERGIZED and EXCITED about life?
I will support you with reaching those BIG dreams – together we will stretch your horizons to create a compelling VISION for your life. We will find the blueprint to get to where you desire and if needed change the course while moving on your journey.

What is Life Coaching?

Supporting you in getting from where you are, to where you want to be is how I define my job as a life coach.

As a Life Coach I will support you and work with you in all aspects of your life – it is an in depth way to finally connect with your inner strengths, your dreams and passions. No ‘problem’ is too small or too big – sometimes a single session can get you on the right track!


You can become the driver of your life instead of just being the passenger – and I will be there every step of the way for you to finally create your roadmap for your life.


Signing up for a life coaching session can become THE motivation booster for change that you were waiting for! It is all about you having a sparring partner that has been through the process of her-self!


Verbalize what you have never verbalized before – this can become another huge factor for your journey to change.

Creativity is intelligence having fun.

Coaching is for you if you are:

– 100% ready to invest in yourself and upgrading your life to a whole new level
– Committed to change
– Ready to take massive action
Coachable and ready to do whatever to see results

Coaching is NOT for you if you are

– Looking for a guide to give you solutions on what to do and when to do it
– Just wanting to complain about your life and looking for compassion
– Not ready to change anything in order to change
– Not willing to invest in getting your future to the next level


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